Pakistan Funny Wallpapers

Education System

Education System Funny Wallpaper

Education System in Pakistan is very funny. The following picture show the reality of education in Pakistan.

Policemen Funny Wallpapers

Policemen on Party – Funny Wallpaper

Policemen are eating in a party rather than provides protection to general public. There are two big plates in front of theses Policemen.

Wallpaper of funny policeman

Fat Policeman – Funny Wallpaper

A Pakistani Policeman is very fat. He is on duty and sit properly on his seat. So how he provides safety and protection to general public.  

Pakistan Funny Wallpaper

Pakistani Government Funny Wallpapers

The Public Budget of Pakistan used by Government by their own benefits. The leaders of Pakistan ignore general public. Pakistani Funny Wallpaper: Top Funny Pakistani Political Wallpapers

Top Pakistani Funny Wallpapers

The actual condition in Pakistan. The public and the Government funny wallpapers for you.

Pakistani Political Funny Wallpapers

Rehman & Gilani Political Funny Wallpapers

Ex. PM Gilani reached Rehman Malik house and asked to provide security from FIA. Rehman Malik replied that the case is not my hand. Political Funny Wallpapers [wpsr_facebook]

CM Punjab Funny Pictures

Shahbaz Sharif on Bike Funny Wallpapers

Shahbaz Sharif is looking very happy and drive bike. A Police officer are with them. Shahbaz Sharif latest funny pictures for you. Political Wallpapers of Sharif brothers. Political Funny Wallpapers

Actual Mr. Bean Wallpapers

Mr. Bean & Chaudhry Nisar Funny Wallpaper

Chaudhry Nisar is a Political Leader and his Shape match to Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean is very famous Personality and Chaudhry Nisar also a Famous leader. Political Funny Wallpapers  

Pakistani Funny Police Wallpapers

Pakistani Policemen are Dancing On Road

The Police of Pakistan is responsible and fulfil commitment. The responsibility show from this Picture.  The Duty of Police is care People but this Picture show the other Story.  

Indian Actors Wallpapers

Indian Film Actors Picture – Funny Wallpaper

The Childhood of four Indian Actors Funny Wallpapers For you. Its Very Funny for their Friends and relatives. Funny Indian Wallpapers


Rehman Malik Pictures – Funny Wallpapers

Rehman Malik is briefing to Pakistani Public that due to security risk. In Every matter Rehman Malik is on front and pass un necessarily comments.  

Pakistani Political Pictures

Molana Fazal ur Rehman – Funny Wallpaper

Molana Fazal ur Rehman is a Chairman of JUF. Now a days he becomes ill and doctors advise that he should take complete rest Funny Wallpaper.


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